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The people at Creative Mornings Helsinki made me a few questions that triggered the same number of answers. This is the text:

At CreativeMornings/Helsinki we want to know more about our speakers. In December Josué Moreno paid us a visit. We talked about life, work and books with him.

Your first paying job?
My parent’s health was not rock-solid, so I started very young earning my money by going to sell clothes at itinerant flea markets. I hated it back then but now I am realizing that I learnt a lot of important things back in those days, especially from the places and people I got to know.

Songs for good or bad days?
It really depends on what kind of good or bad day it is. Sometimes I listen to Bowie, sometimes to Bach, sometimes to Morton Feldman or I just listen to daily life sounds. I try to keep my ears as open as possible and it is just the mood of the day what decides.

If you had a billboard somewhere, what would you write on it?
“Walk slowly, drift, listen.”

A good read?
I propose three books: Silence by John Cage;  Spaces speak, are you listening? by Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter; and Rayuela by Julio Cortázar.

One thing you want to make sure to teach your child?
The world is a great place to enjoy playfully with curiosity without big long-term plans.

The best thing about your job?
It might sound cliché but I don’t feel like working. Everyday is different and every project is a new opportunity to learn something or meet cool people or places. Even when I teach, is an adventure every time.

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