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‘Urban Sonic Acupuncture’

‘Aural Weather’

‘Sound for Concert Halls’

I Am Sitting in The Rain scratched, rubbed and felted a lace-like pianissimo landscape, where the myriad details painted by different instruments fell like rain to a parallel level. The result was a serenely monotonic, constantly changing, paradoxical place. 
Auli Särkiö

Rondo Classic

Interview with Josué Moreno
Gema Batanero

Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo

.. Texto 28 nº 1, which included the participation of the author … was the only audiovisual piece of the night and the most risky in terms of its aesthetic positioning. The use of the image, incorporating improvisatory elements, choreographed movement of “sounding objects” and interpreters within the pianos’ harp created sound and visual complexity achieved with overlapping layers of audio and video as well as the original treatment of the materials giving to the work of Moreno great directionality and complicity with the listener, trapped in his game.
Josep Lluís Galiana

- Cultura - Levante-EMV

flowing micros, a crepitant electroacoustic composition of intense habitability.
Ismael G. Cabral

Chorro de Luz

“De como me convertí en un sonificador de sombras”
(“On how I became a shadow sonificator”)

Fronterad Magazine