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You can close your eyes and you can not see things but you cannot close your ears and not hear. Sound is a powerful tool that can define citizenship, affect how a place feels, make people sick and challenge what is considered the norm. Through the tiniest objects needles SOUND can become a sonic device that provokes strong reactions in all of us.

Creative Mornings Helsinki
Helsinki Design Museum 
December 2016



Quotes from the talk


‘I can feel touched by many things by just using my ears.’
Have you ever stopped to think about the sonic environment of our everyday life? Josué Moreno will talk us through it in the theme of December: SOUND.
He is a conservatory-trained music composer with a master’s degree in music technology. He has since moved to interdisciplinary artistic collaborations that create beautiful sonic spaces. This autumn he turned the Helsinki Winter garden into a giant instrument in a project combining SOUND and architecture.
‘To me there is an extremely thin line between art and daily life. Creativity means the way we deal with the creation of our own biography —our personal story. ‘
In his talk Josué will be telling us a story of SOUND and humanity while introducing us to sonic concepts.