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Josué Moreno (1980 Jaén, Spain)

Josué Moreno (1980 Jaén, Spain)

composer, sound artist, researcher


Behind his artistic practice there are two main ideas: the metaphor of “sound as space to articulate” and, collaboration as artistic means, hence the very interdisciplinary nature of his projects.
    Moreno researches the concepts of “urban sonic acupuncture” and “aural weather” in his work, which varies from purely instrumental music to sound installations and interactive software. His work has been presented in important festivals and forums such as Jiem (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía Madrid), Synthèse (Bourges), Festival de Música Contemporánea de Alicante and Seoul International Computer Music Festival. His work has been supported and commissioned by institutions such as Fundación Phonos (Barcelona), CDMC (Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea, Spain), Musicadhoy/Operadhoy (Madrid), ENPARTS (European Network of Performing Arts) and Kone Foundation (Finland). His music has been published in several CDs under the labels Marmita-Música Viva and AMEE.
    He worked in the generative design, interactivity and implementation of the sound environment for the Finnish Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo 2010.He is currently living in Helsinki (Finland) developing an artistic research project on Urban Sonic Acupuncture supported by Niilo Helander Foundation, Kone Foundation and Sibelius Academy where he also teaches. In August 2017 he presented a permanent audio-architectural sonic acupuncture installation at The Great Amber, Liepāja, Latvia for the Liepāja Art Forum.


walk slowly, drift. listen urban sonic acupuncture radiophonic project for YLE’s Ääniversumi  May 2021
60 seconds after – a room Radiophonic stereo piece in collaboration with Mareike Dobewall. April 2021
• Tunnel Piece  Urban Sonic Acupuncture for Helsinki Central Railway Station tracks underpass tunnel. November 2020 – February 2021
Street Windchime Étude. Stereo tape. November 2020
Aural Weather Étude. Multichannel generative sound installation January 2020
• The Process of Becoming. Promenade concert and resonance installation for the exhibition on Timo Sarpaneva. March-September 2018
eco&Narciso Sound and visual installation as part of the parra&moreno duo for the Palau de la Musica in Valencia, Spain. April 2018
• Amber Diptych.  Public space permanent sonic acupuncture installation. August 2017
vusaa (Virtual Urban Sonic Acupuncture App). iOS application presented at Research Pavilion. Venice June 2017
Lokikirja | Logbook. Sonic weather for the three channel video installation documentary by Kati Åberg Mänttä art festival Finland 2017
• IN SITU: Sonic Greenhouse Audio-Architectural Installation. September 2016
• PIANOSCULPTURE for Mario Prisuelos. Sonic acupuncture for piano and electronics. April 2016
• Interventio I Part 1/Part 2. Sonic intervention. February-April 2015
una voz, todas las voces. Concert-Installation. November 2014
Uniendo los canales beberéis otras aguas. Mono tape encrypted on a stereo piece. October 2013
I’m sitting in the rain for amplified ensemble and live electronics. September 2013
Stabat Mater. Musical theater in collaboration with the dramaturg Raúl Arbeloa. June 2013
IN-AUDITO. Bass clarinet and live electronics. December 2012
flowing micros. Stereo tape. October 2012
PRESENCE:NET. Sound and visual installation in collaboration with visual artist Gema Álava. October 2012
58 formas de recordar un acorde for piano and actuator. June 2012
Missa Brevis. De las mil y una forma de echar de menos o pasar sed. Concert-Installation for organ and ecclesiastic space. May 2012
• defun(HaP) for amplified ensemble and live electronics. January 2012
The Oracle: Tell me a secret. Sound and visual installation in collaboration with visual artist Gema Álava. October 2011
FANtasy, performance installation in collaboration with performer Claire Cunningham. August 2011.
• end for piano. Piano solo. February 2011. November 2011
for ensemble HaP. Ensemble and live electronics. September 2010
Flocking Behavior. Stereo tape. September 2010
Texto 28 no 1. Video. June 2009
für Alina und Alina. Flute duo, May 2009
savikagasHaP. Viola and live electronics. April 2009
Introducing Herr Hans Scrubber. Piano and live electronics. April 2009
Romanian Trip. Stereo Tape. December 2008
for Clarinet and Accordion HaP. Clarinet and accordion. November 2008
HaP60. Stereo tape. September 2008
GRAIN. Video-Art. May 2008
micros. Stereo tape.April 2008
rondóHaP. Piano and actuators. April 2008
Gates. Sound-Installation (Choreographed ambience recording). April 2008
grainHaP. Stereo tape. January 2008
accordionHaP, accordion and live electronics. October 2008
LáPiCes. Stereo tape. September 2007
tuutulaulu, Clarinet, electric guitar and live electronics, May 2007
Kahdeksan, software-8 channel, February 2007
2Suzcu_ST, software-stereo, April 2006
Cervantes ’05.1, Stereo tape. July 2005
Nahikari 1-2, piano and live electronics. April 2005
The mind’s blindness lesson, Stereo tape. June 2004
Khorovode (Nuevas Salmodias), string quartet. June 2003
Dos Intentos, piano. October 2001



• Street Windchime Étude. Stereo tape included on the CD “Tráçsonology” Liquen Records. November 2020
• Uniendo los canales beberéis otras aguas. Mono tape encrypted on a stereo piece included on the CD “Aram Slobodian Homenaje”. October 2013
flowing micros. Stereo tape included on the CD “Sound-In 2012”. Sound-In Estampa 2012
Flocking Behavior, Stereo Tape. Triple CD compilation AMEE 2010
HaP60, Música Concreta 60 Aniversario “2,49” AMEE Depósito Legal: M-52118-2008
LáPiCes, AMEE20, 20 aniversario de la Asociación de Música Electroacústica de España. CD: Marmita-Música Viva. EXS-SÈRIES MMV-003



vusaa (Virtual Urban Sonic Acupuncture App). iOS application presented at Research Pavilion. Venice June 2017
• Interactivity and generative design and implementation of the sound environment of the Finnish Pavilion for the Shanghai Expo 2010.
• Programming and provability design for the sound installation E100 by James Andean & François Xavier Saint-Pierre. TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) 2010.
• Development of the library RSMlib (Rhythmic Similarity Measures Library) for the programming environment PWGL. Release date for the beta version: June 2010
• Research assistant for the Clara-project hired by Mikael Laurson, Sibelius Academy Helsinki 2009/10.



• Master in Music Technology at Sibelius Akatemia Helsinki (2007-2011).
• Master Degree in Composition at Conservatorio Superior de Música ’Joaquín Rodrigo’ Valencia. (2002-2007)