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Josué Moreno


  • Master Degree in Composition at Conservatorio Superior de Música ‘Joaquín Rodrigo’ Valencia. (June 2007)
  • Master in Music Technology at Sibelius Akatemia Helsinki (December 2011).


  • The mind’s blindness lesson, tape, performed on June 1st 2004 at Sala Club Diario Levante.
  • Nahikari 1-2, piano and live electronics, finalist at the composition prize Huihuihui música, performed at Sala Sgae Valencia, April 27th 2005.
  • Cervantes ‘05.1, tape, composed at Liem (Informatics and musical electronics laboratorium). Performed at Jiem 2005, Museo Reina Sofía Madrid July 6th 2005.
  • Kahdeksan, software-8 channel, performed at Conservatorio Superior Valencia, February 15th 2007. Performed at Sibelius Academy Chamber Music Hall, November 4th 2008. Performed at Seoul International Computer Music Festival, November 11th 2008. Presented at a Roland Cahen concert, Sibelius Academy Helsinki September 8th 2009.
  • 2Suzcu_ST, software-stereo, performed at Galería Palau Valencia, April 3rd  2007.
  • Jot A Cuatro Cero Siete, 2 part orchestra. 2007.
  • Un tal yo, two trombones, two tubas and tape, 2007.
  • tuutulaulu, Clarinet, electric guitar and live electronics, performed at Palau de la Música Valencia 2007 second performance at Mostra Sonora Sueca 2007.
  • LáPiCes, stereo tape, performed at Festival Punto de Encuentro 2007 (Valencia and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). Published on a XXth aniversary AMEE’s Cd.
  • grainHaP. Tape. January 2008. Presented at Festival Synthèse 2008 Bourges, May 31st 2008.
  • omHaP. DisKlavier. January 2008.
  • accordionHaP. Accordion and Live Electronics. March 2008. Presented at Sibelius Academy Chamber Music Hall, November 4th 2008.
  • Gates. Sound instalation. Presented at CM&T on April 4th 2008.
  • rondóHaP. Piano and actuators. April 2008. Presented at Sibelius Academy Chamber Music Hall, November 4th 2008.
  • micros. Tape. April 2008.
  • GRAIN. Video-Art. Presented at Myymälä2 galery in Helsinki. May 2008.
  • HaP60. Stereo tape. Piece requested for participation at Festival Punto de Encuentro 2008 in Valencia, Spain. August 2008. Published on a 60th Musique Concrete’s anniversary AMEE’s Cd.
  • for Clarinet and Accordion HaP. Clarinet and accordion. Presented at a Korvat Auki concert in Helsinki November 29th 2008.
  • Romanian Trip. Stereo Tape. December 2008. Selected to participate in the 60×60 International Mix 2009. Broadcasted by WKCR 89.9 FM New York on April 1st 2009.
  • Introducing Herr Hans Scrubber. Piano and live electronics, presented at Feeniks Club Helsinki on April 9th 2009.
  • savikagasHaP. Viola and live electronics, premiered at the Chamber Music Hall Sibelius Academy Helsinki on April 15th 2009.
  • hyperpiano. Piano and actuators, April 2009.
  • für Alina und Alina. Two flutes, May 2009.
  • Texto 28 no 1. Audiovisual, premiered at Sala Club Diario Levante Valencia, June 18th 2009.
  • Flocking Behavior. Stereo tape. 5.1 version premiered at IDKA in Gävle, Sweden on September 16th 2010.
  • for ensemble HaP. Ensemble and live electronics. Premiered at Casa de la Música Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras on its inauguration within the Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea de Alicante 2010. Work commissioned by CDMC. September 21st 2010.
  • end for piano, piano solo. February 2011. Premiered in a Korvat Auki’s Concert. Helsinki November 24th 2011.
  • FANtasy, performance installation in collaboration with Claire Cunningham. Premiered in Dansens Hus Stockholm August 27th 2011.
  • The Oracle: Tell me a secret. Sound and visual installation made in collaboration with Gema Álava. Presented in Feria de Arte Múltiple Estampa 2011, IFEMA Madrid, October 19th-23rd 2011.
  • defun(HaP) for ensemble and live electronics commissioned by defunensemble for the SibaFest 2012 Helsinki January 28th 2012.
  • Missa Brevis. De las mil y una forma de echar de menos o pasar sed. Performance installation for organ and eclesiastic space. Commissioned by IVM. 8a Mostra Sonora de Sueca. May 9th-13th 2012.


  • LáPiCes, AMEE20, 20 aniversario de la Asociacion de Música Electroacústica de España. CD: Marmita-Música Viva. EXS-SERIES MMV-003
  • HaP60, Música Concreta 60 Aniversario ”2,49” AMEE Depósito Legal: M-52118-2008
  • flocking behavior, Triple CD compilation AMEE 2010.