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My 8 channel piece kahdeksan will be played in Helsinki today in Sibelius Academy R-house Chamber Music Hall at 19:30h.

Two pieces by Roland Cahen will be played in this concert. More info:


Program notes for my piece:

Composed at the beginning of 2007, this was my first eight channel piece and my first attend to write an idiomatic piece where the space and the sound’s movement on it should be the main subject of the piece, so consequently it cant be translated into a stereo piece.

I applied a formal technique which is the first time is used applied to space process. This technique is called “In Adbec structure”. On its name it gives the key on how it works. You start from a structural sequence like abc, then in the next step you add two new modules making them be in contrast (adbec), and so on.

On Kahdeksan this process is the body of the piece preceded and followed by random space movements.

I use sine waves and percussive high sounds as main sound source trying to create a

“Fauvist (wild beast) atmosphere” making some kind of homage to Matisse.

The version you are going to hear is a recorded version from one of the performances since kahdeksan is a piece programmed on MaxMSP.

kahdeksan has been presented at Valencia (Spain), Helsinki and at the Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2008.