Thursday 13th December 2012

My most recent work for Bass Clarinet and Live electronics commissioned by Angel Molinos Bosque will be premiered in this concert with the following program:


Michael Lowenstern (USA, b. 1968)
Ten Children #10 (*), for multitracked bass clarinet (2003)

Josué Moreno (Spain, b.1980)
In-Audito (+), for bass clarinet and live electronics (2012)

Luigi Ceccarelli (Italy, b.1953)
Birds (*), for bass clarinet, pre-recorded bass clarinet samples and birdsong (1995/2008)


Jovanka Trbojević (former Yugoslavia, b.1963)
Le Fantôme Du Vent, for bass clarinet, tape and live electronics (1998)

Martin Schlumpf (Switzerland, b.1947)
Puzzle (*), for (SABRe) bass clarinet and computer (2011)

Jacob Ter Veldhuis (Netherlands, b.1951)
Grab It! (*), for bass clarinet, boombox and video (1999/2004)

(*)Finnish premiere 
(+)World premiere 

Angel Molinos, bass clarinet
Marko Myöhänen, electronics
Anders Pohjola, electronics
Sirje Ruohtula, lights


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UPDATE SibaTV recording of the concert: