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MON 2 SEP 2013 / 6 P.M. / CAMERATA

My latest piece for amplified ensemble and live electronics commissioned by Espai Sonor will be premiered in this concert in Helsinki Music House within the Klang Festival:


Uusinta Chamber Ensemble / Ensemble Espai Sonor / Voro Garcia, conductor
Hèctor Parra: Chymisch (2005)
Perttu Haapanen: Las hojas de nubes
Hèctor Parra: trío nº1 “Wortschatten” (2004)
Josué Moreno: I’m sitting in the rain (2013)
Perttu Haapanen: Rain Songs (2011)
Hèctor Parra: Vestigios (2005)

Tickets 15/10/5€ from the Helsinki Music Centre Service Desk or from Lippupiste (a Lippupiste service charge 1,5–2,5€ will be added).

Klang website

video interview

The link for the Finnish radio broadcast of this concert will be added later.