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A short interview about the collective exhibition in Vuorikaiku Sound Gallery and the noise my neighbors make:



The temperature is currently 29° C in the land of winter and snow. Vuorikaiku will be silent for two more weeks before the exhibitions open again. Here’s the last one of the three interviews from the group exhibition in May/June. I interviewed Josué Moreno via email.

Enjoy the summer!


1. Tell something about your listening habits. How, what, where, when?

Given the very nature of my way of listening, I have always listened to music not feeling immersed in a discourse but rather in a landscape of sonic textures, gestures and events. Thats how I listen to music and sounds as space, as well as I read spaces with an implicit potential for sonic worlds.

2. If you could change one sound in the world, what would it be?

The sound repertoire of my upstairs neighbors’ grandchildren. In fact, what I would like to change from them has to do more with behaviour and context in which they are produced than with the sounds themselves. 

3. What is your favourite summer sound?

The sound of the cicadas in the Mediterranean Summer, it gives you a nice and livid background for all the other Summer related sounds besides the hint on the average temperature they provide.