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March 17th and 18th 2016
Musiikkitalo – Black Box. Helsinki

I will be participating in the Doctoral Research Days of the University of the Arts Helsinki.
My Participation will consist on the presenting the work that Angel Molinos commissioned to me for his doctoral research, IN-AUDITO; and the next day I will give a talk about my research on Sonic interventions in public spaces.

Thursday March 17th 2016
12.30 Concert: IN-AUDITO for bass clarinet and live electronics (2012)

Angel Molinos, bass clarinet (DocMus) & Josué Moreno, live electronics and composition (MuTri)

Friday March 18th 2016
10.00 What is my research all about?

Sonic interventions in public spaces
Josué Moreno, Music technology (MuTri)