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SONIC GREENHOUSE – Considerations on a Large- Scale Audio-Architectural Installation

Proceedings of the 14th Sound and Music Computing Conference, July 5-8, Espoo, Finland
Otso Lähdeoja & Josué Moreno
University of the Arts Helsinki Finland, MuTri / Music Technology Department


This article discusses a recent large-scale audio- architectural installation which uses the glass structures of a greenhouse to create a multichannel sound system driven by structure-borne audio transducers. The sound system is presented and its implementation is discussed in reference to the constraints of a site-specific installation. A set of sound spatialisation strategies are proposed and their effectiveness weighted in the specific context of a large-scale work where the audience acquires an active role in moving within the piece, countering traditional centered spatialisation methods. Compositional strategies are developed in response to the context, emphasizing the spatial dimension of composition over the temporal and narrative ones and pointing towards the concepts of “Son- ic Weather” as well as “Sonic Acupuncture”.