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“Everything in the world has its own spirit which can be released by setting it into vibration.” Oskar Fischinger
Amber Diptych is an audio-architectural generative installation which relies heavily in Sonic Acupuncture strategies specifically designed for the Liepāja concert hall Lielais Dzintars. The installation embeds itself in the building glass structure making the building become the instrument, using the building as an active and passive sonic object simultaneously. Not only the installation is embedded in the glass structure —as it happens with arthropods inclusions in amber— , but the installation itself works as a device for embedding stories, allowing the visitor to project and reflect upon their own experiences and make cultural and personal references triggered by the sounds present in the space.
As its title indicates, the installation is a Diptych that sounds in two different areas of The Great Amber public area —the Eastern wing of the Building, and the Northern Lounge next to the panoramic lifts. One space is vertical and grandiose while the second is intimate and inclined. The nature of the sonic stories in both spaces are different and complementary. These both parts of the diptych generate a sonic weather specifically tailored for the area in which it sounds, but will have symbolic resonance in the whole building and hopefully, in the cultural life of the city.
What is Public Space Sonic Acupuncture? We can define acupuncture as a local action by means of a pressure point on a key spot that has the power to change the situation globally, beyond the local area in which the pressure point is applied. Therefore, sonic acupuncture relies in applying sonic pressure points on key spots affecting the global sonic situation. Public Space Sonic Acupuncture parallels the practice of Urban and Public Space Acupuncture in the Aural architecture field.
Amber diptych was inaugurated as part of the Liepāja Art Forum (3-6.8.2017). Great Amber, Liepāja, Latvia


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