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flocking behavior

flocking behaviour (2010) meant a step forward in my experimentation with performing paradigms in the composition for fixed media using live improvisation strategies for the creation of the materials in combination with algorithmic approaches. In this piece I explored sonic aspects that would form the sonic imagery of my following projects like the use of the multichannel image as multiple mono that I will explore in many of the following intermedia projects or the use of generative layer of resonators. The piece was premiered at IDKA (Gävle, Sweden) on September 16th 2010 in its 5.1 version. Later on, I made a stereo version with the mastering work of Libero Mureddu in the Centre for Music and Technology in the Sibelius Academy Helsinki. Since then, the piece has been performed in the most disparate venues from the Fine Arts Faculty in Granada till a disco-club like Sala Keeper in Madrid.



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