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Lokikirja | Logbook

Sonic weather for the three channel video installation documentary by Kati Åberg
Mänttä art festival 2017, Finland
11.6.2017 – 31.8.2017

The work of Kati Åberg reflects the unique subject of sailing on a traditional windjammer and everything it involves. Josué Moreno has written the music and the sonic weather of the documentary contributing to the sensory experience of the installation.

The three video channels are projected onto large floating panels filling an entire exhibition hall creating an immersive experience. Kati Åberg has created a visual world where the everyday, the nostalgic, the abstract and the community effort are so naturally intertwined that one leaves the space with the feeling of having participated in that common experience, where people from different places and social condition care for and pamper a ship that provides them with a world of sensations during all four seasons of the year. The sonic weather that Josué Moreno has created attempts to carry out a sonic parallel to what we experience visually, where purely everyday sounds are transformed into purely abstract sounds without being able to tell where one ends and the other begins. Purely musical moments appear and disappear in a natural, subtle and ephemeral way leaving a sensory trace to be remembered as experience and not as discourse.