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The Process of Becoming is a live concert promenade for bass clarinet, choir and generative sound installation that will premiere in the exhibition Timo Sarpaneva at the Design Museum Helsinki during the Helsinki Design Week 2018.
The performers will echo the atmosphere Timo Sarpaneva’s designs radiate and the soundscapes of glass blowing. The Process of Becoming uses the whole space and existing soundscape of the Helsinki Design Museum as a ‘concert hall’ where, instead of sitting on a chair, the musicians and listeners move around the space. Alongside the piece’s recurring musical theme, the various spaces used in the performance have their own unique musical moods echoing the resonant properties already existing within the objects shown in these rooms and the spaces themselves.






Sonic traces of the concert were incorporated into the sound installation and continued to resonating in the Design Museum until the end of the exhibition. The title, The Process of Becoming, is a reference to the generative nature of the sounds that accompany Ahtojää installation, which gradually grows to its full scope. The name also makes reference to architectural and design atmospheres theory.






Helsinki Design Week 2018
Saturday 15th September 13.00 and 15.00
Design Museum
Composer: Josué Moreno
Performers: Angel Molinos Bosque (Bass Clarinet)
Global Music Choir
Merzi Rajala (Conductor)
Davis Ozolins (Electronics)
Producer: Kati Åberg
Supporters: Centre for Music & Technology, MuTri Doctoral School, Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Sibelius Academy Foundation, DAMY ry, DocMus Doctoral School, GLOMAS, Design Museum Helsinki