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for clarinet and accordion HaP

for Clarinet and Accordion HaP is part of the larger compositional project called HaP (Homenaje a Picasso). In this project I take as subject of homage the way Picasso worked on the 58 variations of Las Meminas by Velázquez. The main hypothesis is that the artistic creation is the distance between the artistic object and the source of inspiration. In HaP, the sources of inspiration are preceding musical works. In for Clarinet and Accordion HaP, Morton Feldman and his piece Durations 2 is the inspiration. I take the basic notational technique Feldman developed and make variations on it creating a floating long musical space where the time is perceived in a different way, where any tiny detail can be meaningful. The piece has its own rhetoric and the players are challenged to play in a deep concentration state, listening to everything the other player does.

Josué Moreno

Clarinet: Natalia Perales Tavira

Accordion: Arantza Aguirre Barcena

This is a live recording of the concert at Sibelius Academy R-building Chamber Music Hall. 29.11.2008



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