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flowing micros

flowing micros is a revised version —on the occasion of the publication of the double compilation CD Sound-In 2012— of my work micros. It responds to update my thinking about the sound flow of my latest creations. micros was originally composed in 2008 as an immediate reaction to my sound installationGates (April 2008) based on “choreographed field recordings”. This first experience encouraged me to explore different paradigms of composition for tape. The balance between composition and improvisation, randomness and determinism, microphonic experimental techniques and digital signal processing is what is sought in this work. This way of working has been present in my music making since then, implemented in more or less sophisticated ways according to the intrinsic needs of sonic material.
Josué Moreno
Valencia October 2012
This is a live binaural recording of the sound diffusion concert Acousmatica XIV of the MuteFest 2014  Helsinki 18.11.2014:


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