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I am sitting in the rain


Rain can be a special event, especially if you come from a dry land like Andalucia. Rain can give a new meaning to a landscape, can enhance certain aspects or can mask a particular event. It can bring elements closer or further away, like trains coming from the distance. Rain erodes the land and the city, changing its shape sometimes in a very subtle fashion and sometimes in a very radical manner. It has been a source of poetic inspiration for ages, and has carried hopes and fears too. But among all the aforementioned views on rain, to me, rain is a process. A process that makes things evolve, disappear, become enhanced, encrypted, and many other things that are very inspirational for my sonic imagination. So does “I Am Sitting in a Room” by Alvin Lucier, a process-piece to which this composition makes reference in its title. All these elements come together in the aesthetic and sonic proposal I am presenting, extending the experiments carried out in my recent works in which the boundaries between concert music and sound installation are not so clear and one concept enriches the other, helping me to create sonic lands full of dynamic morphologies and sonorities that I like to listen to for as long as possible.
Josué Moreno



“…I Am Sitting in The Rain scratched, rubbed and felted a lace-like pianissimo landscape, where the myriad details painted by different instruments fell like rain to a parallel level. The result was a serenely monotonic, constantly changing, paradoxical place.” Auli Särkiö 3.9.2013 Rondo Classic



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