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Una voz, todas las voces

“Sounds never cease to exist, we are the ones to stop being able to perceive them or they become other forms of energy. With the appropriate technical means, we should be able to hear again the sounds that surround us constantly coming from the past”
This is the assumption made by Marconi that I take as a metaphor for my recent sound projects.

8 “druid-speakers” distributed throughout the space are responsible for exploring and accompany the visitor to enter in a panvocal sonic world where artificial and natural voice enhance sound aspects of the occupied space, creating at the same time multiple dialogs between the space and the work; natural and supernatural voice; signifier and signified; past and present, taking us from the tempered singing to the spoken word, through a wide range of microtonal situations.

This work has been possible thanks to the Phonos Grants program, it has been worked in its studios and used software developed at the Music Technology Group (Pompeu Fabra University) – Vocaloid and KaleiVoiceCope- for the generation and processing of the human voice.
Josué Moreno
November 2014