Satakieliklubi (The hundred languages club)

February 20th 2016 at Vuotalo Helsinki I will be participating creating the sonic environment in collaboration with Moritz Cartheuser for the event Satakieliklubi organised by Sivuvalo Project, Stoa and Vuotalo in collaboration with Taide on Arte. Satakieliklubi will...

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Moreno | Kuoppala / Texto 28

Moreno | Kuoppala / Texto 28 Vapaan Taiteen Tila Monday 14.12.2015   7:30 pm Texto 28 is a collaborative project between composers Josué Moreno and Visa Kuoppala. The initial form of the project was a one hour fixed media piece done by overdubbing takes of...

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El Compositor Habla — Interview

Last Summer 2015, Ruth Prieto asked me a few questions regarding my artistic practice some days before the Spanish premiere of IN-AUDITO for Bass Clarinet and live electronics at ClarinetFest 2015, Centro Conde Duque, Madrid. The interview is Spanish only: EL...

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